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It’s early yet and I’ve not got much content, but this simply has to be shared.

[W]hat happens when you combine typography with motion? That”s the process of kinematic typography and the results, when paired with some excellent scenes from your favorite films and TV shows, can be moving and marvelous. Here are some of the best examples of film kinematic typography on the web.

That’s a perfect pairing. If they ever find someone willing to do this for an entire audiobook, I would definitely buy it as a DVD. Some other good ones are from Ocean’s Eleven, Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill, the latter two are NSFW due to language. The one from Psycho works perfectly, it almost looks like an Edward Gorey cartoon but in words. And a very frenetic take on the Abbott and Costello bit “Who’s on First?” is just as difficult (and fun) to follow in text as it is when watching them perform.

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