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Not a bad morning so far, went out for coffee, got a little bit of a late start, but that hardly affects anything aside from the faces on the metro train.

I’ve been listening to “pump up” music on the iPod today, Sean Paul’s “Get Busy” is in heavy rotation, because its hard to feel too bad when ya listenin’ to dancehall rhythm, ya heard? Good music seems to make the commute go faster, even the walk to the metro station glides by.

I’m trying to stay in an up mood, I have a sort of blind date/first meet tonight with this guy that Michael set me up with. We’ve e-mailed and had one good phone conversation, and one so-so one, but it’s hard to chat for long with someone that you don’t know anything about and there’s not as much of a natural flow as when you sit down face to face. Then again, I’ve had those face to face meetings where not a lot was said, but still felt better than silence over the phone lines. Naturally my insecurity and indecisiveness is coming into play and I can’t think of a place to meet for coffee/drinks, because I’m not intimately acquainted with local coffeehouses except as a place to stop in briefly for a drink and leave. Still, I’m looking forward to it, I so rarely meet new people, and I am more than willing to be set up by friends if they know someone (*hint, hint*).

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  1. Jenifer says:

    Consider me your coffeehouse connection.

    Sparky’s on 14th and S: you went there with me, so you know what it’s like. It tends to get loud and on a Friday night might be pretty crowded.

    There’s a brand new coffeehouse/restaurant/bookstore on 14th and V called Busboys and Poets. It’s political-minded, and you might walk into a reading. Busboys & Poets, 14th & V Streets NW, U Street/Cardozo neighborhood, DC. (202) 528-4987

    There’s Murky Coffee, at 7th and Penn Ave., SE, which is usually quiet with good coffee, and right around the corner from Remington’s, if the conversation turns to your recent line dancing escapades.

    Don’t forget Jolt and Bolt (1918 18th St NW) for coffee, yes, but really for the giant stacked chocolate cake and other sweets. They have outdoor seating in a nice little nook off the street that I find romantic.

    You’ll have a good time!

  1. September 26, 2005

    […] The date, I guess I call it a date now, I had on Friday went pretty well, actually. I was nervous since I don’t normally do the blind date thing. Not out of any personal preferences against it, I just usually get the “I don’t really know anyone you’d be interested in,” from my friends. […]

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