recoiling at the sight of lime wedges

Attus Apparel goes Green

I now know that there is such a thing as too many gin & tonics. Unfortunately it is not the kind of knowledge one comes by easily or painlessly. After a bit of out and about on Saturday, my Sunday morning was spent wandering from room to room in a bit of pain and mostly wondering why I’d gone into that room in the first place. A bit of french toast, the one thing I’ve found egg beaters to be good for, did help me get back to feeling normal but I was still couch-bound for a good part of the day.

From the look of it, it wasn’t a bad day to stay inside. It just never stopped raining. It’s a weird feeling to look outside and realize that you haven’t heard the rain stop for hours. I re-watched Battlestar Galactica since I wanted to see the hybrid’s prophecy again, and then caught up with Doctor Who which I thought was going to be horrible, but I was pleasantly surprised. People may not have initially liked Catherine Tate as Donna, but she’s really proving her worth as a companion.

Wonderella gets her economic stimulus payment

With it still raining this morning, I feel like I got nothing. Then we went to lunch at Five Guys across the way, so with that settling in my tummy, I feel completely useless. It’s hard to concentrate on even the most brainless of tasks. It was a bit of an interesting day at work, with a little restructuring going on, but mostly I blame my lack of productivity on the weather. It’s rainy, it’s cold and I should be at home drinking something warm and huddling under blankets while catching up on tv. Not sitting here in the office doing the electronic equivalent of shuffling papers.

The links above amuse me. When I saw the Attus popped collars, I completely missed their “Green Apparel” — I wonder if that model has an accent… And Wonderella’s plans for her economic stimulus check cracked me up. What is it about monkey butlers anyway?!

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2 Responses

  1. pyack says:

    stay strong and do not turn your back on G&T.

  2. Brian says:

    Oh have no fear. It only encourages me to push and expand my limits.

    It’s kinda like bondage, except for drinking. 😛

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