at the pumps: disbelief or a lack of forethought?

I know this shouldn’t make me laugh, but it’s more a reaction to the absurdity of the state of things.

Small service stations are running into a problem as gasoline marches toward $4 a gallon in the United States: Thousands of old-fashioned pumps can’t register more than $3.99 on their spinning mechanical dials.

Some of the same pumps can only count up to $99.99 as a total, keeping land behemoth or soccer team mover owners from filling up. An alternate solution for some states is to allow stations to display the price for a ½-gallon and then double the final price shown.

Makes me glad I can walk most places I need to reach, but if buses and trains start suffering from the same rising fuel/power/maintenance issues, I might need to whip out the bike… or share one! 😀

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  1. Chris Collins says:

    I remember the time when gas went above ONE dollar a gallon, back in the day before LCD readouts on pumps. The same thing happened. You think they would have learned from that. 🙄

  1. September 18, 2017

    […] been able to keep up with figures we never conceived of. It was just as amusing to me when the gas pumps realized their limits when trying to accommodate the rising […]

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