The weekend… so close!

Illustration by Jeremy Dower

TGI–freakin–F as they say. I wonder if our brains have evolved to the point where even a short week no longer feels like a short week. Either that or I’ve just been on the move too much between tidying up, visiting family, family issues and other stuff.

My cousin’s visit has been quite pleasant, actually. I didn’t really think I’d warm to having a house guest, but it has been nice. Mostly because she wasn’t here for a visit, but to find a place to live, so I only had to prep the couch and we did go out to dinner last night but beyond that I haven’t seen much of her & she flies out home tonight.

I’ll be meeting a friend for dinner tonight at Asia Nine. It worked out well for a team lunch the other day and it’s time for a little more sushi. After the night out, I shall rest and rest well. I feel worn out this week!

I’m sure it’s from cleaning the place up and all, but lately my place no longer bears anything more than a passing resemblance to this. I can see my floors, there’s room to walk around, I’m almost at the point where I can use that chair again. I was going through a lot of old food magazines and ripping out recipes that I want to scan into MacGourmet. A virtual cookbook may not be as much “fun” as a regular notebook, but I already have plenty of cookbooks and these days when I’m looking for good recipes, I’m hitting the internet at work long before I get home to flip through the books.

Speaking of flipping, this site has been my “cat toy” this morning: It’s just a cute little flash app, but the page flipping action is addictive! 🙂

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  1. That is one of the cutest graphics I’ve ever seen, heh.

    How is Asia Nine? I’ve been meaning to give it a whirl.

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