I need a towel… and a cigarette!

Diablo III logo

I believe that I am quite ready for multiple nerdgasms now. After watching “The Stolen Earth” last night, which I plan to watch again this morning … and probably again after that, I saw that Blizzard announced Diablo III just a day or so ago! The Blizzard site is full of new information and pretty trailers, but the best for me is the gameplay video. 19 minutes of seeing the new classes, the new types of environments, etc. Normally I hate gameplay vids because they’re shoddy and the narrator is too fanboy, but this one is quite nice:

This just adds one more thing to the list that I can’t wait for. They haven’t announced a street date for it yet, but I’m hoping for at least by Q4 2009. 😀

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  1. Norman says:

    Oh my, that looks amazing. I must have it.

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