There’s a protocol for these things

Flowchart detailing the proper use of the phrase: Oh Snap!

I saw this image over at Christopher’s blog and it just cracked me up this morning. Due to the slightly excessive partaking of happy hour cocktails last night ($2 rail drinks, oy vey) I’m moving a bit slowly this morning. But a good breakfast and caffeine will soon set that straight.

It was a good evening out though, I avoided the rain, met some new friends and actually met up with a brightkite user after they checked in at the same place I was. So at least some of these web 2.0 services work! I’m looking forward to a relatively untroubled day at the office, but we’ll see!

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3 Responses

  1. kyle says:

    JR’s on a Monday? Hmm…

    Then again, I’m considering going to the Primetimer’s happy hour at Windows on Wednesday.

  2. Brian says:

    @kyle: I could be down with a Widows’ Wednesday. I’ll drop you a line about it.

  3. kyle says:

    Of course, if you don’t mind hanging out with old farts. “Where is that elderly old man?”

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