iBlog therefore iAm… an iPhone owner

The WordPress for iPhone application is live and quite handy, actually. I doubt it can make me a great iPhone typist but it doesn’t appear to rely on being connected to a signal to work. You can’t edit previous online posts without a signal, however. It does hold local drafts in the application and like some other apps can use the iPhone’s camera and photo library to add pictures to your post, automatically added to the end of the entry. It offers a preview mode, but that is also limited when you’re offline.

I’m just playing around with it this morning since I haven’t anything to really write about. Though that can easily change with a metro ride. 🙂

I got stuck without a seat for a few stops and my 1-thumb typing sucks with this thing. But I think they did a good job on the app. Even though it was “coming soon” for a while after the iTunes app store opened, it seems like it was worth the wait.

Ed. Note: I did do some editing when I got to the office, since I like my URLs pretty now with just the post number and it uploaded the photos just fine, but stuck them all right after the post, one after the other. With no cut & paste, this app is definitely for quick no-frills entries when you’re outside the range of a cell/wifi signal. But it does the job and is perfect for something on the go when you plan to polish up an entry later on at a computer.

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