One step closer to Minority Report…

Gizmo Lovers and Dave Zatz both reported today on the TiVo & Amazon team-up to enable on-screen product purchasing:

By teaming with, TiVo enables viewers to purchase products related to their favorite TV shows or that they’ve seen in TV ads without leaving their couch. For example, if a guest on the Daily Show or Oprah has a new book, CD, or DVD out, you can purchase it on using your TiVo remote without missing a second of TV, whether the viewer is watching live or recorded. The viewer with an impulse can buy right away and no longer needs to remember to do so the next time they are at their PC.

The concept of shopping via TV is nothing new, obviously, but having the products offered by a (r)e-tailer that I actually trust? That could be a problem. Of course I don’t watch talk shows, so I’m safe for now at least. The NYT reports on TiVo potentially sharing this technology with other companies that have already integrated a version of their software into set-top boxes.

If this ever makes it to the Food Network or America’s Test Kitchen on PBS? I’m doomed.

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