facebook: It’s heeeeere!

No going back now, no matter how many protest groups are formed. The new Facebook has arrived and it’s here to stay. I do find it a little odd that they’ve, for the moment, kept the url as http://www.new.facebook.com/, but that’s probably just growing pains.

I’ve seen better site facelifts before, after all I was an AOL member back in the day, and I’ve seen much worse–for the same reason. I remain a pretty casual Facebook user, though I admit to getting hooked on a few games in recent weeks, until I realized that they were all the same game. They all have identical elements, do quests or fight other users to level up, buy more stuff which is required for better paying quests and put your coin in a bank with gouging fees to keep others from stealing it. Also, make sure you invite all your friends to play with you–they aren’t forcing you to do it, but if you don’t then you can only progress so far without more people on your team. At least some of the themes are different: Dragon Wars, Pool Party, Blood Lust, Elven Blood, Skies of Blood and City of… Blood. Well those last 4 are sort of a “family” of games under the same banner, just driving home the point that you’re playing the same game over and over and don’t you have some work or studying to get to?

I’m sure people will get used to the new layout once they realize that they have two options: stay and deal with it, or complain and leave. And they can’t leave because then how else would their friends know what they were up to every few minutes of their day?! And what products they like and who they think is hot and who their top friends are and their favorite tv shows and … so on. 😉

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7 Responses

  1. sean808080 says:

    I logged into myspace and they too have had a facelift. It looks much neater. Sometimes plastic surgery works!


  2. William Mize says:

    I remember when all you and I had to worry about was Live Journal, and all the accompanying drama.
    Good times, good times.

  3. Oh come on! We all know how effective those protest groups are. ;P

  4. brian says:

    @sean: Ew, you have a myspace account?! Those people are freaks! :mrgreen:

    @Bill: Yes… good times… *twitch*

    @Liz: Those groups absolutely crack me up. You care so much about a cause that you’re willing to take ½ a second to click “Join”–yes, that really expresses how you feel about the issue!

  5. kyle says:

    If I didn’t blog and have a Facebook profile which I updated every day, then no one would even know I exist! How can anyone live without Facebook!

  6. shindo says:

    @Kyle – Once upon a time, I had more free time before Facebook, Twitter, and all other other lovely stuff. Having an iPhone doesn’t help matters.

    @Brian and @Sean – I have a MySpace account, which I should simply delete as I don’t use it.

    @WilliamMize Live Journal – good times, as you’ve said, but I just don’t have time. Hence, my ancient LiveJournal blog lies derelict.

    As for Facebook getting a facelift – it’s like that person who gets a hair color job that’s too subtle and expects you to tell them the highlights frames their face nicely. I’m just over it, life as usual now with Facebook.

  7. Danno says:

    I find it funny how wound up everyone gets by a website facelift…. I dont mind the new Facebook.. its cut a lot of the crap from the profiles…its all down to people lacking any effort to try and learn or adapt to something new. People are just lazy.

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