bloggers: looking for the pickle?

There hasn’t been a post over at lacochran’s bloggery that I haven’t enjoyed, but reading the first few lines of this one, I was like wha-huh!?

We are invited to a ‘holiday’ party Saturday night. We walk in and the place is already crowded. We locate the host and he welcomes us.

He then invites me to play “find the pickle”.

Her reaction was fairly predictable, as would mine have been, but it turns out that nothing is ever as it seems. Lacochran always tells the best you had to be there tales so well that you didn’t even really have to be there. After getting to know her at the blogger meet up, I can only imagine the look on her face when this happened.

I am now thinking about heading home a wee bit early. Our mail server’s gone down, our internet server’s gone down and I am feeling more and more like a cranky bitch burden at the office as the afternoon progresses. I should very much like to lie down, watch TiVo (or Netflix as the case may be) and imagine that someone is rubbing my forehead and saying “poor little bunny”. As I had no appetite for lunch, it all depends on what I take when I get home as to whether imagining that will be difficult!

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  1. lacochran says:

    Well, garsh! I’m glad you liked it. Every word was true. Okay, maybe not the prairie dog but certainly the look.

    And everyone deserves to have someone stroking their forehead and saying “poor little bunny” now and then. Especially when the machinery conspires against us.

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  2. There are times when leaving the office is good for productivity – at least that is what I always told myself when I became an insufferable raving moron.

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  1. December 8, 2008

    […] post about finding the pickle by lacochran’s bloggery received some nice praise by Urban […]

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