moving: what, me worry?

16th & Irving NW: The packing has begun...

Have I mentioned yet how much I hate this process? Last night I declared a break on packing and enjoyed some television and light house chores. It was a bit impossible not to do a little move-based work; but it was mostly throwing out very old kitchen items and admitting to myself that I’m not going to make candles anytime soon–so all those old Yankee Candle jars can go to the recycling bin.* A few move-related things have kinda put me in a bit of a mood as well, so not thinking about moving for a little while was welcome.

I haven’t heard back from the management company that took the application for the place I visited. It’s a unit in this building, nice space, good amenities, the location is so-so, very close to work and metro, but hardly in the hustle and bustle of DC. Last info I had was the owner was looking for a mid-to-late June move in, but I’ve heard nothing back on the status of my application other than “we’re making a decision.”

I was ok with that, maybe a little impatient, but still ok. The other morning, however, I got an e-mail from my current unit’s owner. The reference request sent to my current property manager was forwarded to him with a note “hasn’t given notice to vacate, but we can assume it’s coming soon.” Which, of course, it would be in the proper 30-day or otherwise agreed upon window. The owner sends me a note saying he hopes I’m just “hedging my bets” and not thinking of leaving too soon. I was floored and it actually took me a little while to respond politely instead of just honestly.

I explained that with no signed lease, living month-to-month, in a lovely apartment but a building with many “old building quirks”** and some vague future date when I might have to move, it made more sense to just start looking for a new place now. He’s a really nice guy and I don’t want to leave him stuck with an empty property, but when it comes to living space, you really have to look out for yourself above all. I’ve let the stress of all this flow off me as best I can, but I have to admit, I’m kinda spoiling for a throwdown. Just let someone at work rub me the wrong way and see what happens. 😈

Otherwise, something must be going around when it comes to living situations. Just in the past week, I’ve run into 4 people in my building–some neighbors I don’t know, others complete strangers. They’ve each asked me one or more of the following: how long I’ve lived there, if the places are expensive, if I pay a lot for my place, if it’s a good building, etc. Since my building is ½-condo, ½-co-op, I can’t really speak to how much owners are charging for their apartments, but I do tell people that given the area, it could get pretty expensive to rent there.

So I raise a glass to my fellow apartment hunters out there! Good luck… and if you go do crazy from stress, I hope it’s the fun kind of crazy and that you get a flattering straitjacket.

* Ok, maybe not all of them. I got a clutter rep to maintain.

** I actually went back over entries in this blog to see all of the pains in the ass I’ve encountered living in that building. It surprised me to see how much I’ve put up with over the past 5 years.

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  1. Daphne says:

    I feel your pain. We’re still waiting to find out if an apartment building accepted our application, as well. My current landlords were the ones holding up the decision-making process since they waited over a week to return the reference request.

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