food: best little Asian restaurant in Chinatown

sign advertising The Best Asian food in Chinatown

After a bit of shopping on Saturday afternoon, Kyle and I came over a bit peckish and were checking out our options for food in and around Chinatown. This sign was seen outside of a fairly well-known eatery along the main Chinatown/Gallery Place strip. Any guesses as to which restaurant boasts the best Asian food in Chinatown?*

Take a look at the two photos on flickr here and here for the answer.

I can’t help but think–even as cool a place as this establishment is reported to be–that there’s something wrong with making that claim. Especially along the main drag when all of the real Chinese/Pan-Asian restaurants have been shoved at least a block away. I suppose authentic restaurants clashed with the whole Disney World aesthetic they’ve got going on there.

* Worry not, it does come with a fortune cookie.

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6 Responses

  1. Michael says:

    That’s pretty freaking funny, considering there’s only two burritos that are anywhere near “asian” offered at the place.

    Also, that damnedable fortune cookie will get your hopes up and then crush them. It said I won a pony, but then said “Not really”

    Bastards 😉

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  2. Kyle says:

    In my humble opinion, the best Asian food in Chinatown is at Burma, John Tinpe’s restaurant on 6th, just around the corner from all the noise. If you haven’t tried it yet, we should put that on our list. It’s been a while since I’ve been, and I’d like to go back. Ebony liked it, if I recall correctly.

  3. Lindsay says:

    I guess if you’re attracted to the kind of food they serve, any other Asian eatery would be too confusing.

  4. Shaw Girl says:

    I walk past that sign every day going to and from the metro and work. Even funnier? The other day this older tourist couple read the sign and the man said “See, we don’t have to go down that scary looking street to get authentic Chinese food in Chinatown”….uhmmm, no.

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  5. brian says:

    @Shaw Girl: I’m glad someone else said it. I was ashamed to mention that many people don’t go down to the real Chinese restaurants because that street is “scary”.

    @Kyle: Love Burma, only been once but would love to go again. I was stuffed.

  6. gilahi says:

    Teriyaki Burrito? Ick. I suppose next Cafe Asia will be serving Mexican egg rolls.

    Thai Olde Town in Alexandria. Terrific Asian food.

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