video: Mashup in the TARDIS

While reeling this morning from the total and utter lack of snow last night, I sought solace in YouTube… as one does. Today’s diversion? Doctor Who title sequence mashups. I’ve never really been one for fan fiction as it generally borders on either the uncomfortably unreadable or sexily unreadable* but I do like video tributes, especially the ones that arrived after David Tennant passed the torch to Matt Smith.

But this morning, I needed a smile and I found it, all right.

Dallas was a big deal to my family growing up. One of the very few shows that we would make sure to watch together. We actually visited Southfork Ranch and I still have some souvenir currency–somewhere–with J.R. Ewing’s face on it. So it pleases me to see two faves brought together in a manner most cheesy.

Other mashups weren’t quite so great, but there were a few others worth mentioning.

And this one, which was just too cute to pass up.

TGIF, everyone. We’ll have to try again for this snow stuff next Tuesday… šŸ˜„

With apologies to The Timelords.

* Which is uncomfortable in an entirely different way.

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