video: Doctor Who Fall 2011 Trailer

Courtesy of the BBC America YouTube channel, the first trailer of this Fall’s Doctor Who episodes.1

His time is running out.

This is where it begins.

The mysterious child trapped in the spacesuit. The pregnancy of Amy Pond. The revelation of who River Song is and where she comes from. Some secrets have been revealed while others remain unlocked.

What will happen to Melody Pond?

What is Madame Korvarian’s plan?

And does the Doctor really die?

I suppose we’ve got Torchwood to tide us over until then, but I have already marked August 27th on my calendar! :mrgreen:

1 Kinda crappy of them, splitting up the season like that tho.

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  1. Lindsay says:


    I haven’t even seen Season 6 yet! It doesn’t come out on DVD until Novem-




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