video: Make Every Day Christmas

Since I do a lot of my blogging in the mornings before I get to work and I’m off work until after the New Year–YAY!!–I’ll be posting some of my favorite funny, clever and on occasion a tiny bit risque Christmas-themed from this and past years.

First up is “Make Every Day Christmas” at Funny or Die–so it is a bit NSFW–which mostly proves why Twilight Zone‘esque events should be left up to strange and unknown supernatural forces and not mere mortals. You’d think a wish that every day could be Christmas would be fun…

As is appropriate for Christmas Eve, we’ve already gotten up super early and hit the grocery store, the liquor store and there is currently a department store trip in the works. I’m about as ready for the holiday as it gets… except for that one thing that will be forgotten until the last minute of course.

Wishing everyone–at this hour, anyway–a very peaceful and Merry Christmas… Eve! :mrgreen:

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