video: Holiday Cheer from Andrew Christian

I think it’s safe to post this one now as darkness has firmly taken hold and all good little boys and girls should be asleep in their beds so that Santa doesn’t skip over their house. Underwear/Swimwear–and other goods too, but who cares?–designer Andrew Christian sends his Christmas greetings in a video that only goes to prove no one should be alone during the holidays.

Featuring Mike Munich, mostly seen before as a dancer in videos and performances of Lady Gaga, Adam Lambert, Ke$ha and on Glee being visited by 3 impossibly fit underwear-clad elves who decide that the proper way to warm up his home is by stripping him down to his skivvies… yeah, I don’t know, just watch:

The presents are wrapped, recipes are at the ready, “A Christmas Story” is on the television and I am all set to have a cocktail before settling in for the night. :mrgreen:

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