video: Star Trek TOS overload

I frequently joke that the HDTV my spouse bought for my last birthday is too large, to which he responds that he could have gone even bigger–that last part isn’t really part of the joke, he seriously contemplated buying one larger than 55". I still freak out from giant people in my living room, but love watching nature and travel documentaries on it or using the motion and voice controls via Xbox Kinect. I’m not really ready to go Fahrenheit 451 and get TVs the size of our walls, but after upgrading to a larger TV, I could see the allure. Not that I want my TV shows including me in their programming, but being able to turn a wall into a virtual escape has its charms.

This video is for those Star Trek fans that have always wanted to feel like Ozymandias from Watchmen or The Architect from The Matrix.1 YouTube user twilight1138 created a video that plays every episode from the first two seasons of Star Trek (Original Series) simultaneously.

I’m not sure it’s the best way to get caught up, but if you have a Ludovico Technique set-up from A Clockwork Orange, this would make for interesting torture to a non-geek.

While it comes across as a lot of noise, I image the above as a new means of channel surfing. Sure we have digital channel guides or on-screen overlays, but how about really seeing what’s on all the other networks at once and then drilling down to what you want to watch? I suspect that all it would really do is confirm the myth that nearly all networks use the exact same timing for commercial breaks.

I am curious what this collage will look like on our giant screen at home tho, but I think I’ll have a cocktail at the ready to numb my senses beforehand. LLAP & TGIF! :mrgreen:

1 I realize that’s probably a small niche demographic.

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