literally: can’t even

Is it possible to have a Case of the Mondays on a Tuesday? My mini-vacation making a long weekend out of the July 4 holiday is done and I’m back at the office. It was a hot, humid, and rainy weekend which my plants loved1, but occasionally made my body feel like a wrung-out washcloth.

various Star Trek characters frustratedly holding their faces in their hands

I have that awesome regularly-scheduled pair of medical appointments: getting blood drawn Thursday and seeing my oncologist this afternoon, and while I couldn’t really get much sleep last night, I think it was more to do with returning to the office than going to get felt up by my doctor.2 Seriously, I know that it was the end of vacation, but when I go to bed around 10pm, I don’t expect to toss and turn and stare at the darkened ceiling for 3 hours. Such fun. I don’t recommend it.

The weekend was fun, however, and there may be more on that later. But so far, what I’ve read online and in my Inbox this morning has me giving ALL THE FACEPALMS. That the above image doesn’t also exist as a “Star Trek Facepalm Supercut” video is a crime. A. Crime. 😛

Still though, nearly any short week is most likely a good week. Happy Tuesday and may the odds be ever in your favor!

1 I have tomatoes starting to flower in one of my planters. I didn’t plant tomatoes this year. Yeah.

2 He does have pretty cold hands though, so in this heat and humidity it might not be entirely unpleasant.

My SEO plugin is telling me that this post is horrible, so I’m just padding out words in this footnote just so it’ll be happy. 300 word recommended minimum, my ass. Maybe I should stop worrying about SEO so I can focus on writing again.

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