Candy Corn Martini at Cuba Libre

It wasn’t enough for me to just try tasting candy corn for Halloween, but I also heard that Cuba Libre in Gallery Place had a seasonal candy corn martini and figured I’d give it a try.

Candy Corn Martini at Cuba Libre (DC)

I’ve seen recipes for making a candy corn martini or other candy corn infused spirits before, but never really followed through on them. I like candy corn, but over the top sweet drinks aren’t really my thing.

Still, this wasn’t bad, it was definitely sweet and had a bit of the candy corn flavor, but also sort of just tasted like candy. Unfortunately there was no candy corn garnish and the bartender looked at me like I’d asked him to cut off an arm and use it to muddle the cocktail when I ordered it, but it wasn’t bad.

As seasonal/special cocktails go, it wasn’t horrible, but much like the candy corn tasting, I don’t think it’s an experience I want to repeat anytime soon. I hope everyone had a fun Halloween, now gear up, it’s time for the Christmas bombardment! :mrgreen:

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