Pair: Immersive Catalog

Pair is just the latest thing to remind me that when I think, “There should be a thing!” that thing very probably already exists. Earlier this month, a friend and I were talking about a trip to IKEA and other stores to look at/think about new furnishings and I jotted off the following tweet:

I should have known someone was already doing it…

When we set out to build Pair, our goal wasn’t just to make a fun and engaging way to view furniture and appliances in your home or office. We wanted to address the real problem of contextualizing what is often one of the biggest purchases a family or company will make. Visualizing how a new couch, refrigerator, or desk layout will look in place is actually pretty hard and most of the tools available don’t give a real understanding of how that new purchase fits with your décor.

Not gonna lie, this looks really cool. And it looks like IKEA might already be one of their partners!


Can’t wait to play around with this later. Maybe after I’ve tidied up my apartment a little bit tho. :mrgreen:

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