Chocolate Chip Cookies, Live on Twitch!

I thought I’d give something different a try on my Twitch channel and instead of a usual Friday stream playing Destiny, I decided I’d make cookies. Live. On the internet. With an audience. Because there’s no way that could go wrong…

As it turns out, it didn’t go wrong and it was a lot of fun. I’ve been thinking more about variety streams and what that might mean beyond just playing games. I tried gardening a few months back and while that was a good time, nearly none of the plants survived because of a few rookie mistakes I made. Live and learn, right?

I won’t lie, it’s always been a not-so-secret wish of mine to have a cooking show. It’s a lot of work even before turning on the camera, and frankly not easy to do in a small space. Those people who do it all the time on YouTube have my respect. Turning a game streaming setup into a food streaming one wasn’t easy! There were extended cables across the apartment, webcams everywhere, it was a bit of chaos, but still fun!

Because today is, apparently, National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day, I decided to post a rerun of the video on my channel. First time trying that too! And now that I’ve learned how to embed Twitch videos into blog posts, coming soon will be a post about my recent trip to Montreal. But until then, happy cooking and happy cookies! 🍪 :mrgreen:

Featured Image by Lisa Fotios from Pexels

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