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Next time, Google Maps

I’m a little behind on my news since I generally stay away from web browsing on my off days, but what in holy hell was going on here?! Couple Arrested For Asking For Directions Joshua Kelly and Llara Brook, of...



“…Blas for you, Blas for everybody in the room. I’m just on a blasphemy and bla…” Six person joke, that. There we go. Thursday, May 18 – Sinfest


It’s going around

Something’s been passing along, a few people are getting the same symptoms: sore throat, headaches, and the usual “I’m not really sick, but I feel icky” kinda stuff. Today was my turn, so I stayed home and watched a movie:...


Williams Endorses Cropp

From today’s Express: Williams Endorses Cropp for Mayor Williams said he and Cropp, both Democrats, have worked closely to encourage the redevelopment of dilapidated and crime-ridden neighborhoods. In Columbia Heights, a Giant supermarket has recently opened and a Target department...


In Soviet DRM, Content Owns You!

One of my favorite internet radio stations, Gaydar Radio has started charging: Due to a change in United Kingdom licensing laws all Internet radio stations now have to pay to broadcast outside the UK. Poop. What was more annoying is...


Who Shot First?

Let your bookends decide the age-old debate, depending on which DVD set you put in them now. I’ve been counting on the fact that the power of the almighty dollar would make him release the originals. Though this article ponders...


Five Things No Bar Should Have

From Esquire: Five Things No Bar Should Have Natural light Patrons who are reading Loud music Dogs Twenty-two-year-old female bartenders who “just wanna party” I’m with him on the loud music, and the “party” bartenders.. and I guess the dogs....


Ah… what if?

Announcer: And now, a message from the President of the United States. President Al Gore: Good evening, my fellow Americans. In 2000 when you overwhelmingly made the decision to elect me as your 43rd president, I knew the road ahead...


Tonight’s Final Thought

No one should ever have to wait an hour and a 1/2 to get their food after they’ve placed their order. Especially when since all conversational potential has likely been used up in that time, it takes them less than...