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Lounge tonight, for tomorrow we may die!

Or at least that’s what it felt like early this morning. I put together a little happy hour outing last night to Larry’s Lounge on 18th St NW just off Dupont Circle. It’s a great place, but the one benefit...


Happy Fun Ball! — Hour

DC area folks interested, willing and able, there will be happy hour festivities taking place this evening. At the least I know Moose, Mikey and I are in, so if anyone else is interested, drop any of us a line...


I learned to drive!

It just seems funny to say that for my birthday. This morning we headed down to Solomons Island to meet up with Justin’s parents and head to Stoney’s for lunch. He told me that his back was really bothering him...


Sun, drinks and fun

A mini-twitter meet up yesterday afternoon had me, James and Fredo ending up at a friend o’ James’ birthday get together. Much fun was had, many drinks were had, much sun was soaked up — which caught up with me...


It’s too bad you can’t blog scents

It smelled so good in here earlier. It was a good domestic weekend, cooking and cleaning and entertaining company. I’m a bit stuffed right now from dinner and sangria so a quick recap. Friday I finally gave in and had...


Mmmmm, sushi.

No more than a year ago I might have said that, but it would have been extremely sarcastic. It wasn’t that I didn’t like sushi, I had no idea whether I liked it or not. I’d just never been properly...


Cha-Cha Heels

The race last night was fun, but COLD. It was one of those situations where you realize, only after trying to move your joints again that they’re quite frozen. I think the feeling in my toes returned after we got...



If there isn’t already a record for most cosmopolitans consumed within a single week, someone call Guinness… I might be a contender for the title… Still tipsy now, more later.