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Morning Headlines

If you haven’t watched The Boondocks, “The Return of the King,” you really should.* Coretta Scott King Dies at 78 “I’m more determined than ever that my husband’s dream will become a reality,” King said soon after his slaying, a...



Thanks to Fredo for the great picture of the metro train which I swiped for the header image on my blog. I told him I’d do it someday, now all we have to do is measure that kilt inseam…


So in love

My new phone arrived and not to gush too much, but I’m already in love with this phone. In addition to being all sleek and slim and stylish, the bluetooth capabilities are wonderful. Verizon normally charges around $10 to transfer...


new year, new photos

Seemed a good a time as any to take some new snaps, besides every idea sounds like a good idea after some wine with dinner. Some already have comments on flickr, you can click to see the larger sized photos...


*mmm* free furniture

So I’m already dragging trash into my place on New Year’s Day, but not the kind I’ll throw out with the offer of a shower first. This table was in the “up for grabs” section in my building where people...


right up there with clowns

A co-worker forwarded this to me, Gallery: Scared of Santa | SouthFlorida.com I know that my parents have at least 2 pictures of me bawling and screaming on Santa’s lap. I have no idea if I was scared of him...


burnt rice means home

It’s been a pretty productive weekend. I tried to get the whole Christmas spirit and think of others and buy gifts and such. We headed to Potomac Mills and by phone I found out that I couldn’t really find anything...


Y’all better recognize!

As mentioned already, we got some serious recognition at the office. They announced our names at the company holiday party, and we might have been there if we’d known about it. I still think the party I attended was a...


turkey! coma! snow! games! wine! friends!

There was much feasting… and on the next day, I worked, bah. The office is extremely quiet, however so I can’t really complain. It should be a fairly quick day, I have some reports to bang out and light tasks...


Separated at birth?

Separated at birth? uploaded by flickrite TerranceDC. Swamped at work today, but time for a quick funny from a flickr friend.