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Next to crucifixes. Aisle 5.

Associate: You need something? Woman: Yeah, maybe you know. Which are the nails they used to crucify Christ with? Associate: … Uh, maybe these? Woman: Right. I don’t think those are the ones I’m looking for, but you’re on the...


morning headlines

Because I’m tired and haven’t had my coffee yet, I’ll just regurgitate what I’ve read so far. I had absolutely no idea that the PS3 goes on sale this Friday. I say sale because it seems that the price can...


Because it just is, that’s why.

One of the things that gives me a fun break during the workday is reading Mark Morford’s columns at SFGate.com. Last night I watched Real Time with Bill Maher from last Friday (check out his New Rules for that night’s...


What the–?

Lady Liberty Trades In Some Trappings | Memphis Journal via NYT MEMPHIS, July 4 — On Independence Day, Lady Liberty was born again. As the congregation of the World Overcomers Outreach Ministries Church looked on and its pastor, Apostle Alton...



“…Blas for you, Blas for everybody in the room. I’m just on a blasphemy and bla…” Six person joke, that. There we go. Thursday, May 18 – Sinfest


2 part (e)harmony

*cue ‘This Will Be (an everlasting love)’ I usually only have to think of eharmony’s annoying as hell commercials to keep me from considering using any online dating service. They’ve spoiled it all for me, especially with their “proven successful...


i just liked pulling off the petals

I recall once after a break up, talking to about whether or not I loved the person and she had some good advice (hell that conversation may be somewhere in this journal) and the following article is a good personal...


What God Really Told Bush

A very amusing article/column, and I needed a chuckle this morning. I’m in a tie, I feel like I’m back in Sunday School… HATE HATE HATE. What God Really Told Bush / Apparently, it wasn’t just “invade Iraq and Afghanistan...