no one’s gonna stop MY child from getting fat

Filed under WTF?! — Oliver blasts mums defying junk ban. Apparently mothers, in defiance of Jamie Olivers charge against parents and schools to feed kids healthier options and get the junk food out of schools, have been smuggling junk food to their kids at school.

Walker, who has been supplying her 11-year-old son, blamed the television chef for the school’s strict food policy, which means only healthy grub was now on offer. “This is all down to Jamie Oliver,” she declared. “I just don’t like him and what he stands for. He’s forcing our kids to become more picky about their food.”

Yes, because when you’re a child they call it “picky”, when you’re an adult they call it “making informed choices”.

And speaking of people that could use an extra Twinkie or two… I was looking at some stories over at the celebrity gossip blog Perez Hilton about how some of Beyonce’s photo shoot and video directors, seem to be copying some other people’s work. Though in this biz, some are most likely just copying their own. But scrolling down, I found this spoof of her Deja Vu video done by Tyra Banks, and it slayed me! If you haven’t seen the original video, check it out and compare.

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