Let me just say that watching the Men’s Gymnastics right before bed ‘cos the UPN station keeps flickering in and out can give you some very odd dreams. But I managed to wake up well enough. Though whatever I did about a week back that made my back & shoulder feel so funky, I must have done again. Maybe it’s something in the way I’m sleeping, but who knows? I wonder if I can get a doctor’s note that I must have an additional body with me in bed, preferably a late 20’s to mid 30’s attractive young man. For health reasons of course!

*want coffee*

Another odd thought that popped into my head while in the shower as so many thoughts do.. A while back I would have said that yesterday I got my “needs met”, ‘cos I hear so many of the guys talking about “I have needs”.. They aren’t needs, they’re wants, urges, desires.. Something being single and miserable has made me realize. I don’t need sex, but I sure as hell want it. Something else I want is a second webcam, and I think I can find a good deal on a USB camera at amazon.

‘nother cool site, I especially love Superhero Roommate and Hidden Celebrity Webcam, though Starship Regulars is getting my attention lately too.

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