This story just totally pissed me off. Mainly ‘cos I know it’s true though less so, ‘cos I know every business on the web would be doing it if they could.

Ask anyone, I love a good deal as much as the next person, and I got HOOKED on amazon.com. Their prices were good. They let you know right up front how much you were saving, and while they weren’t always the best prices, generally if you were buying two or three things at a good price, a fourth item for a few extra bucks never hurt anything. But to think that they actually use my loyalty against me is pretty detestable. But to continue reading the article, apparently the means to do this is freely available to any big company. So that means I should surf without cookies from here on out? It’s not like we don’t know that everywhere we go on the web tracks something, our location, age group, even whether we’re surfing on a .com or a .gov or a .org. And honestly, I don’t mind someone knowing that I mainly buy movies and music of a certain genre. However to then decide, “Hey, if he buys them all the time, let’s stick $5 extra on all his projected faves!”.. I just don’t know. I guess I might consider switching back over to shopping retail stores in the real world.

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