holiday weekend in brief

The holiday weekend in brief: FUN!

Less brief: It really was quite fun, it made up for the initial mutterings of ‘let’s go somewhere’ on short notice. I got a good dose of Christopher time each day, but not so much that we were gnawing arms off to get away.

Yesterday was the Herndon Labor Day Jazz Festival and Wine Tasting with Christopher and some good friends of his. Lemme tell ya, Wine Tasting and really hot/humid days do NOT mix, but we had a great time there anyway. It wasn’t as big as my usual favorite wine festival, Vintage Virginia, but the company made up for the difference. I’m not much of a wine connoisseur, it’s something I’ve wanted to learn more about. However I do know what I like, and there were some good blends there, I do have a leaning towards sweeter wines, even dessert wines. I took the winery names to memory and may just order some stuff online. Christopher and I came home with a bottle each of an ice wine, and a pear port. I just have to find something to serve with them. I’m thinking it’s about time I cooked dinner/dessert for the two of us.

The rest of the evening was spent on my own, with a brief break for me going insane looking for a piece of software for Christopher. But I found it, damnit! I really need to start going through those boxes and tossing out more things. I also need more picture albums. For some reason when we were out on Sunday night, Christopher asked to see pictures of my ex’s. I’m not sure I have pics of all of them, how sad is that? Of course it brings into question, how long did you have to see someone before you can consider them an ex?

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