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(damn I do make more LJ-entries at work than anywhere else, but I wouldn’t if I could get my phone entries to format nicely)
‘s Old Time Radio cd of Xmas music arrived on Saturday, so I’ll look forward to playing that around the house a bit. He should be happy, when I was updating my match.com profile* I listed him as one of my favorite authors. Exposure anywhere you can get it, yeah?
The week’s looking somewhat social, at least. I’ve got bowling tonight, a poker night on Friday (I’m gonna lose, badly, I expect, but I’ll do it with style) – ok, that’s about it actually, so maybe not that social, perhaps I’ll try that pear pie recipe some night this week, which will force me to clean the kitchen up enough to make pie crusts.
* I was only updating it as someone sent me a note from there and the profile was horribly out of date, so I figured, what the hell.

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