I rarely shop for much anymore, but I love to browse, and I was looking at kitchen things and this food processor just scares the hell out of me. When one device does this much, we’re on our way to the Jetsons, when all ya gotta do is press a button.
I do need to take another trip to Sur La Table tho. I’m pondering getting the zipcar and hitting the 24 hr supermarket at Pentagon Row at some fairly late hour when the shoppin’ll be easy. But I need to do it before Saturday since that’s big baking day. Like said, I need a houseboy.
But I did decide what cookies I’m making, at least. The foray into cookbook territory was successful, and in addition to my usual chocolate chip cookies, I’ll be making either brown sugar ginger crisps, or mocha chocolate chip as a contrast. Oh and peppermint brownies for the bowling potluck. I now have a big-ass grocery list ahead of me.
🙂 And now the office wants to do a potluck as well, oy.

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