Guild [Workin’ My Nerves] Wars

Guild Wars boxI bought Guild Wars recently, and to its credit, it is a wonderful game, there is no monthly fee, the graphics are stunning, musical score is fantastic without being distracting, the character models are all gorgeous (of course) and the quests are engaging without being the “go get this and bring it here to me because I’m too lazy to do it myself.” You don’t have to play PvP if that isn’t your thing (it’s not my thing).

But last night Al and I were trying to play together and I noticed the majority of its flaws. Now he’s a new character and I’ve had the game a week, so I’m hardly an expert but it was a pain in the ass.

Each character gets quests/missions, sometimes just to go from one town to another (surviving the trip) and talk to someone. Or to go and kill a certain number of monsters. In one quest you had to put candles on braziers. It varies. However when you are in a team with someone else, you can’t see their quests, nor can they see yours. There’s no “leader”. So you have to do the one thing that is really necessary in any online game. COMMUNICATE, which isn’t the usual gamers’ forte. There were times we had the same quest and ended up completing it together, or when we had different quests and just wandered off to our own bits of map. And if you use the auto-map teleport back to town, you lose your party structure.

It annoys me that they advertise the game doesn’t require player vs player, but when you just try to team up for the role-playing portion of it, it’s hard as hell to play effectively.

Additionally, the weapons are nice, but not great, defeated monsters usually drop underpowered crap no better than what you already have. And if a person gives an item for completing a quest, it’ll be the same no matter what class. So a Warrior may get a sword, but a Necromancer will get the same sword for doing the same quest.

Al and I use Skype to chat while we play, and for the time being it almost seems more fun if we play separate games and talk while we do it. I dunno, hopefully we’ll work it out.

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