the grind, minus Eric Nies

[thumbnail] The Grind, hip hop workout video (with flava)Oh yeah, I’m back home and in the office, by the by. Not that it wasn’t easy to figure out as the frequency of posting about stupid crap is once again back to normal.

I have stories from the beach & vacation, I kept daily notes on my laptop, so I have to extract those and turn them into The Beach Diaries. Overall it was a great time though and I was a little blue to be back home and looking out of a window where there’s no waves and crashing surf. That and my apartment is a mess from pre-vacation packing. Taking yesterday off was a much needed rest day however and I’m back in the swing of things.

And we may, yet again, be sent home from work tomorrow if Congress doesn’t get their butts moving. They always pull an approval and signature at the last minute though, so I won’t get my hopes up.

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