Hairdresser on Fire… and everything else, too!

I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating…

icon for DC weather is a thermometer on fire

When the weather forecast icon is a thermometer on fire, it’s time to think about staying the hell inside that day.

I’m still processing the weekend, deciding what I want to blog about and what I want to just write about for my own sake, it had its high points and low points and even some ‘just grin and bear it and look for the nearest opportunity to escape’ moments. Work’s still beating me down, but I got out to see the Fantastic Four sequel with Justin yesterday. I liked it, however I had 2 margaritas beforehand (on an empty stomach, bad me) and the theater was broken so we got free unrestricted passes and seeing how it’s the hot movie, we only had to wait another 30 minutes until the next show. It was a fun movie, serious pacing issues, and as I told Ev, not as much fun in relation to the series, as X-Men: The Last Stand was to the X-films, but I’m sure there will be sequels for as long as they can write them and get actors to sign the contracts.

I was thinking of heading out to Chipotle for dinner, then drinks with Gregory and a friend at Halo, but it’s just too darn hot outside, and I’m not so much a DC’er that I’ll consider taking cabs from point to point when it’s less than a mile to each one.

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