In terms of letting my liver know that it is a valued part of the organism, it’s been a very good week. Drinks and burgers with Jenifer.. Drinks and Merkado with Rob.. Drinks and sci-fi with Josh. (Note the lack of food on that last one.)

Burgers and drinks at Tonic is starting to become a tradition with me and Jenifer, not on any sort of schedule – it usually comes from a day when we’ve both had it and need to unwind. And we’re usually rewarded with some kind of interesting interactions, hence the UFC boys on tv. 3 rail cocktails + burger and tater tots = I was enjoying life, and remaining standing upright with no trouble.

I got together with Rob on Wednesday since he and I hadn’t hung out, just the two of us, in… I know it’s not “ever” but it seems like a really long time. Between drinking, catching up, laughing, gossiping, discussing the existing tensions between me and his husband, and chatting with new friends at the bar, we had a great time. Then it was staggering off to Merkado for some rather nice skirt steak and “Xuxu Slaw” (which I loved even though I’m not usually a slaw person). 4 quality cocktails + steak and slaw and pineapple upside down cake = a little shaky on my feet, but fine with a good friend to lean on.

To cap off the week and start the weekend, Josh and I got together for happy hour on Friday. Both he and I had been out of town so had various adventure tales to relate. The bar was getting full, from a Renegades Rugby pub crawl and the general Friday night crowd. It got a bit later and I was really enjoying myself, so I decided to skip the plans to head home and consider playing around in the beta in favor of “one more round” and Friday night sci-fi. I didn’t really stop to think about the most crucial ingredient … FOOD. So when I got to Rob & Peter’s place, I was well past lit and quite tore up. But my main issue came from trying to watch TV from across a generously sized room with the lights turned off. Too many things kept re-entering my field of vision and it made me really, really sick. After excusing myself *twice* to go “handle things,” I decided the best course of action was to go home to bed. I woke up without any ill effects, though I did fire off an e-mail to make sure that the events I’d pieced together in my head were indeed what happened and that I didn’t become an overnight social pariah. Still, it was fun. 6 quality cocktails + no food + faux-movie theater tv watching = thank god I had an umbrella for balance and presence of mind to remember my address for the cab driver.

So I do believe that we’ll be taking it rather easy this week on the ol’ drinking, though last night I did have a splash of vodka with fresh white peach juice over packed crushed ice. And that mix will come in handy on the next hell-hot day, I think. I keep trying to get back into the mindset I had when I lived in Logan Circle. Yes, my roommate was a nutter, but I was much more into baking and cooking for the heck of it, trying new recipes even if they turned out to be crappy. Then again, that place was much cleaner so I could free up my brain to think about spending time in the kitchen. My current place is so cluttered that sometimes all I can think about is the need to clean.. then get overwhelmed with it all and veg on the couch to watch tv.

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  1. Al says:

    hello world…

    it’s true. he’s cluttered. he cooks and bakes well. he’s intelligent. he has great taste in vodka.

    what the f*ck is wrong with DC? there’s a great guy living in the middle of it and you’re all walking around blind.

    for what its worth, you’re on the right track though I’d be in the habit of carrying that umbrella with ya whenever you get tipsy!

    hugs from the blonde one up north

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