Monthly Archive: August 2005


shortpacked.. the chair

In which the characters discuss the tragic flaw of Professor Xavier of the X-Men. This comic frequently comes close to milk-snortingly funny, but really only for comic-cartoon geeks. Directly on the website here or check behind the cut.


stupid restaurant, thinks they’re so cool

[begin gripe] I want/plan to get people together for dinner on my birthday, then head out for cocktails, and then go dancing. I’m sure people may not be able to hang for all of that, but it’ll be fun nonetheless....


who wants a slow weekend, anyway?

Friday: Work, Shopping, Dinner, Drinks Saturday: Shopping, Lunch, Party, Drinks Sunday: Bowling, Shopping, Cooking, Laundry, Chores I’m so used to telling people on Monday that I didn’t do much over the weekend that I have to keep correcting myself, as...


looking for what?

How bad is it that when a spam message comes in with the Subject: women looking for IT!, I immediately wonder how I got on the DC Web Women’s e-mail list? Such. A. Geek.


I’m Not Angry…

Mule Design Feed Store | I’m Not Angry, I’m From Philly. I wonder if living in Delaware for those years qualifies me to wear this shirt. Or perhaps I should just buy one for Lindsay. 😀 Good times, good times…


Finicky Friday

It’s a burned out, crabby, moody day at work. Mostly capped off by seeing other co-workers get in a few hours after me, one wearing jeans under a dress-top kinda thing, one wearing jeans with a t-shirt and another wearing...

0 – Secret Movie Sale

Over 150 DVDs under $10 at I see some good titles and some crap ones. Looks like free shipping for $25+ purchase, too.


Visual Recipes

Very cool site. User submitted recipes with pictures of the process. Not that you necessarily need a picture every step of the way, but sometimes you’re making something and you get a little bit of doubt and it’d be nice...


Liquid Ass

This is mostly for jholiiday Strange New Products: Liquid Ass With authentic “butt crack smell”! What a bargain!