the long and short of a weekend

It was just two days, no holiday, no extra time off, but it feels like I’ve been away from the office for at least 3 or 4 days. I’m still working out whether this is a good thing or not.

NCSoft had a double xp weekend for City of Heroes/Villains, so I took plenty of advantage of that. I was fairly skeptical as to how well it might go with server load and e-mails sent out to lapsed subscribers encouraging them to return, but lag was pretty much the usual except for a few times when all the servers were in the red. Still I managed to build up one of my characters that, prior to this month, hadn’t been touched since I started playing the game and get a few more levels for my primary hero.

I also realized that making assumptions about people based on their social circles on the internet is a silly thing. Of course, one should never assume, but still I like to think the best of folks giving them a chance to prove me wrong on their own. There are various chat channels in the game, and one was formed by the people who read the CoH/V livejournal community. Usually it’s just a nice way to have some conversation while playing the game, and seems to provide a ready-made pool of people to team up with that don’t feel like complete strangers. Well at a few points this weekend, some of the conversation topics turned silly, as they usually do, and others were childish and some downright offensive. I’m not sure why it got to me as much as it did except that I just expected better. I mean there are mostly all adults on the channel and we discuss “adult topics” from time to time, and we poke fun at each other sometimes crossing that line in the sand, but mostly not. Still, even if you’re someone that “doesn’t care what people think of you,” it doesn’t excuse you from making statements that, unless you’re an ignoramus, you know are going to piss people off. I don’t feel like going into some of the stuff said, but I think the casual attitude of others about it bugs me even more than the people who wrote it.

I also learned that while I prefer my gin & tonic in the more British manner with lemon, my vodka tonics are all about the lime. I watched a Netflix movie (24 hr turnaround, that’s unheard of!), Tristram Shandy: A Cock and Bull Story. It was funny and clever and definitely falls right in with my love of mockumentaries. Hm, I also realized that it is possible to order a small pizza via delivery and not eat it all in one sitting and that my intersection just attracts accidents–I heard 3 screech-crunches as opposed to the usual screech and each time traffic on the main road was slowed for a good 20-30 mins while police tried to sort things out, thankfully no one seemed injured, just the cars.

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