show me the way to go home…

I’m not tired yet and bed’s a little ways off, but I am so totally tipsy/drunk right now and it feels so good (cue Chuck Mangione).

As a lovely contrast to my day o’ meetings, I met Jenifer to get some dinner at Merkado and then drinks at Halo. Such a fun time and we made new friends, Pam and Dante, and got a party invite for this Sat. night. We’re considering making an appearance, after the party plans are for dancing at Nation and I just might be up for it, depending on what revelry I get up to on Friday with and whoever else he’s roped in.

All I know is that I do love my cosmopolitans with the current secret weapon of vodkas.

Oh yeah, speaking of , good for him for realizing that if the word “cocktails” appears in my entry, ya best be finding out where I’ll be and meeting me there. 😉

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