Don’t play with it in public

As a follow-up to the previous posting, the UK released a campaign this year to help advise citizens not to take safety (personal and/or possessions) for granted: Acquisitive Crime Resources. This Engadget article has larger images from the campaign, they’re amusing and effective (one hopes).

I’m not one that really “plays” with my iPod in public anymore, I think there’s a certain new-toy-ness that everyone gets after they get one, but I’ve even pondered getting a “crappy looking” set of headphones just so I don’t have the telltale trendy whiteys hanging out of my ears anymore. It seems like Metro’s concerns are more focused on suspicious packages than people, or seeing that people aren’t hanging out around the doors instead of focusing on people that may just be hanging out. From now on, I’ll just keep on keepin’ it in my pants, so to speak.

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