I can feel that leap second!

Happy New Year!Happy New Year everyone!
I’m actually still kinda coming down off of last night and there will be a full accounting later, but some things are sorta still happening. But the quickie recap:

Dinner with Jenifer at City Lights
Drinks and laughs as we were joined by Jhim, Mike, Mike and Danny at Halo
More drinks, more laughs, dancing and some rather impressive appendages at Wet/Edge
Metro back to Jhim’s hotel room for a little rest and deep conversation and crashed there unable to turn off VH1’s I love the _0s marathon (we watched 83 and 84 before passing out, Voltron baby!)

Had brunch this morning at the hotel and I’m still on the happy buzz, this is one of the more fun New Year’s Eves I’ve experienced and I had great people to share it with.

And regarding the adorable 24 year old from NC that was all over me last night (oh and it was mutual), that story isn’t quite over yet. Details forthcoming, but I really need a shower and possibly a nap, so much food for brunch, oy.

I hope everyone’s New Year’s Eve was well rung!

photo from flickr user vanderwal

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