herculean labor, self-inflicted

Because I am obviously a masochist, I’ve been going back through my old entries… all the way back to July 2000 and adding appropriate categories.  A lot of the old posts were imported in from blogger posts one month at a time, and then brought over from LiveJournal after that.  So I have a lot of posts with the “archived” category.. and about a third as many with the “stuff” category.  Well trying to do one month at a time, I’ll be recategorizing posts, because I want things to make sense and be easier to find and sort instead of all lumped into one spot.

The other pain is that with Live+Press not working for my WordPress anymore, many of the special livejournal tags for users and lj-cuts and similar also don’t work, so it’s sorta messing up old pages in my database.  So when I see those I’ll have to update them with real names, or links or just “lj user _____” or something.

Ah well, not like I don’t have time on my hands.

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  1. Esprix says:

    I’m having a hard enough time just putting in LJ tags finally, because I also like referencing old posts and have trouble finding them sometimes (making them “memories” works, but not when I want something random).

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