Jake and Heath made me gay… -er

Wal-Mart Resists Pressure in ‘Brokeback’ DVD Sales

The [American Family Association] says it is not opposed to Wal-Mart offering “Brokeback Mountain” for sale. What it does mind is that Wal-Mart has promoted the movie by placing posters of its stars, Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal, in the front of the store “where children can see them,” Mr. [Randy] Sharp said.

If “Brokeback” were a blockbuster, he said, promoting it would be understandable. But since it has not cracked the $100 million mark in domestic box office sales, Wal-Mart must be trying to “normalize” homosexuality, Mr. Sharp said.

Randy Sharp is the director of special projects for the AFA.

So once again, in America, we don’t really care what you do if you make lots and lots of money, you even escape religiously fervent prosecution… COOL!

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