That ain’t right

Sure, sure, I took today off because I wasn’t feeling so hot. And I did feel better.. and I did 6, count’em, 6 loads of laundry. I took a brief walk… to the dry cleaners and then I got busy!… in the kitchen, cleaning up.

Surely I deserve a little time playing World of Warcraft? Oh no, apparently not.

The following realms will be brought down for urgent maintenance. [Mine’s on the list] In addition, players that have logged off on the continent of Kalimdor may not be able to log back in and visiting this continent may result in disconnection. [Guess where I logged out last night?] We are working diligently to restore stability to all of our realms and ask that you continue to bear with us.

The thing that really annoys me is that I have other characters on other servers that I could play, but no no no… Because I logged out on the wrong one, I can’t access anything at all?

*grumbles and starts up City of Heroes*

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