highs and lows

First something mildly amusing to oenophiles and fashion mavens: Diesel fashion label launches wines. Oddly enough, I don’t mind paying for a bottle of wine what I won’t pay for a pair of their jeans.

And being serious again, a letter from Jeff Whitty, playwright and author of “Avenue Q” to Jay Leno:

When you think of gay people, it’s funny. They’re funny folks. They wear leather. They like Judy Garland. They like disco music. They’re sort of like Stepin Fetchit as channeled by Richard Simmons.

Gay people, to you, are great material.

Mr. Leno, I have a sense of humor. It’s my livelihood. And being gay has many hilarious aspects to it — none of which, I suspect, you understand. I’m tired of people like you. When I think of gay people, I think of centuries of suffering. I think of really, really good people who’ve been gravely mistreated for a long time now.

Read it in full here: I am annoyed by Jay Leno and decided to write him a letter.

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