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Just added to the iPod this morning:

Under the Iron Sea

The Devil Wears Prada

Western Dream
Bob Sinclar

Michael turned me onto Keane and so far I’m enjoying their second album, I suppose it’s what you’d call emo, sounds just like alternative/rock to me. The Devil/Prada soundtrack is just kinda fun, a few of the songs I already had from other albums but this really reminds me of watching the movie, the music was featured well enough in the film that I remember hearing the songs and not just snippets. Bob Sinclar (which I keep trying to write and pronounce Sin-CLAIR) puts together some fun songs on this release, most of which have been played to death as singles already, “Love Generation” and “World Hold On” – but as an album those plus the new tracks really work. It’s like when I was listening to Martin Solveig who’d had great success with his singles already, I wondered what the point of the album was, but had a good time listening to it.

Who else picked up something new with this past Tuesday’s releases?

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