a necessary scolding

Table for OneFrom an IM session earlier this afternoon, I was talking about taking myself out to a nice dinner and coincidentally, he was planning to take a friend of his out someplace nice as well:

them: Let me ask you something.
   Do you have people there who take you to places like that?
   Or is it mostly you doing the inviting?

Yes I know, it’s a common theme that comes up over and over again, like the quote I copied a few months back, I am attempting to change my attitude about it and change the circumstances as I can not change people. It was fun earlier this month posting an “I’ll be there, meet me if you like” message about seeing “Strangers with Candy” and while it was no-pressure, it was also spur of the moment, which can be cool from time to time, but it’s generally not how I operate. I’m a Virgo, we schedule, sue me.

Anyway, I just needed something to take my mind off work for a few mins, it’s getting terribly frustrating lately, just add more stress to the heap.

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