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Happy belated Birthday Beyoncé and all that but about the only gifts this album is going to get you are lots of money on sales and fanservice and media exposure and — oh wait.. nevermind. What it won’t get you is much sincere acclaim. I listened to it a few times this week and while it’s a fun enough album, it really isn’t going to be considered much more than her sophomore effort.

But hey, why should I slam this album when it a Washington Post reviewer has done a far better job than I could. My favorite bit from the review, These songs are likable, but from the R&B chanteuse par excellence we expect pop revelations. After hearing “B’Day,” we can only assume Beyonce has put more effort into preparing toaster waffles. — I still like Deja Vu, and Suga Mama is growing on me, but the rest of the album will probably remain unchecked in my iTunes, the first stage on the road to deletion.

I’m trying to think of fun memes to start, scanning in a handwritten post was fun, perhaps doing a video or audio podcast of a post would be interesting. The evil part of me would love to get one going around where people lipsync to their favorite song a la youtube. I’m just getting sick of the quizzes, the surveys, and the “800 things you didn’t know about me unless you’ve had more than a 5-minute conversation with me.. ever” – any ideas?

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