Runny nose, head feels like its underwater, sore throat, generally cranky and ravenous… yep, I think I’m sick. I was hoping that it was just seasonal allergies from the onset of fall, but I may have to give up the ghost and admit that I’m sick. I can usually handle being sick as it means taking care of myself, getting a lot of downtime, avoiding physical contact and lots of hot showers/baths and good-for-me food. Unfortunately not many of those things mesh well with dating someone that I must admit, I am fairly smitten with–the first person to say “awww” gets punched. Tonight’s a double dinner date, Ethiopian in Adams Morgan and I’m looking forward to it, I’d just like to shake the sniffles before then.

Why can’t I get some sickness where I don’t wanna eat? Sheesh! I can see the spam e-mails now, “Infect yourself Thin! Drop 50 lbs in 2 weeks!”

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