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Even CEO Can’t Figure Out How Radio Shack Still In Business

“I’d like to capitalize on the store’s strong points, but I honestly don’t know what they are,” Day said. “Every location is full of bizarre adapters, random chargers, and old boom boxes, and some sales guy is constantly hovering over you. It’s like walking into your grandpa’s basement. You always expect to see something cool, but it never delivers.”

While it isn’t quite as bad as they make it seem, this Onion headline cracked me up. I’ve just come back from yet another unsuccessful visit to Radio Shack. All I wanted was a spindle, tall or short, of Dual-Layer blank DVDs. Not an uncommon request, especially since I’ve seen them at this location before. I go in today after a quick stop at the Post Office and I look at the shelf. Nada. I guess my shock was so apparent that an employee actually asked me if he could help me with anything and I told him what I wanted and he had no clue what I was asking for, even though we were standing right in front of the blank DVDs. I told him that I already knew they didn’t have it and that I’d seen it there before and he says, “Well we’re a Radio Shack Express, so we don’t always get the stock that other stores have.” Radio Shack Express clearly translates to “Buy your batteries, sign up for a new cell phone, grab some ipod or digital camera accessories and get the hell out.” Everything else in the store must be display dummies, I swear. Thankfully my need for the media isn’t dire, so I can have amazon ship it to me, but still I totally agree with that article. I don’t know how they’re in business either.

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3 Responses

  1. shindo says:

    Them and Kinko’s. It’s funny with the electronic stuff–I could easily find what I’m looking for at Target or Best Buy (and much cheaper at Fry’s). Apparently, with little interest in their inventory, it’s a surprise Radioshack is still in business. Regarding Kinko’s, a Dave Chappelle skit on Kinko’s (when he had the show on Comedy Channel) was on target with lack of customer service.

    • Chris says:

      My suspicion is that Radio Shack is actually the property-holding front for the shadow organization behind the mass-alien-abduction-masquerading-as-the-Rapture that Shindo and I were speculating about the other day.

      Otherwise, how the heck could they afford to pay the rent on all of their stores in high end malls and urban centers? They’re not making enough revenue in sales, that’s for sure ….

      • Brian says:

        Y’all are so twisted!

        But it does make sense. I need to get a copy of Left Behind or Left Below or whatever so I can dissect it for hidden messages.

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